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Academic Information


Academic Projects

1. Accounting Information System of a merchandising company:

This project describes the current system of this company with emphasis on its weak points and the possible ways to avoid it through building an ideal Accounting Information System.

2. Accounting for Income Taxes:

This project represents an analytical study of FAS109 which deals with accounting for Income taxes.

3. Social Responsibility:

This project deals with the social roles that a business organization has to perform within its environment.


This marketing project deals with designing a new remote control car. In addition, it deals with marketing strategies required to target the expected market of this product.

5. Marketing of Bathing Suites in Oman:

This project is for International Marketing course. It deals about studying the opportunities concerning marketing the bathing suites in Oman. This study includes analyzing the environmental variables that affect our decision such as: geographical, social, cultural, legal-politiclal, and economical variables. Our decision is to determine is whether there is a fit between the product and the country.


N.B:  All of these projects are available, if you would like to have the full project use it as a reference. Please contact the webmaster

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