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Joining The Lebanese Army

All Lebanese young people who reach the age of 20 have to join the Lebanese Army for " Flag Service ". This service is intended to intensify the social interaction among Lebanese young people, and  contribute in building a strong Lebanese society represented by the national faith, and the good will among the Lebanese citizens..

As for me, since i have completed my academic studies, now i have to asnwer the call and fullfill my duty toward my country..

This servie has, in my opinion, 3 main benefits:

  1. It will allow us as young people to participate in helping our country. "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" J. F. Kennedy.

  2. I will get to know alot of people from different backgrounds, and different regions, and this represents a rich expereience one should have..

  3. Military life is a good teacher of patience and stamina, of discipline, and respect... It is very helpful in creating good generations..

I will try to benefit as much as possible from these factors, and I hope that the Flag service will be one of the wonderful experiences in my life...

Concerning the stay at the army, I expect to pass in a training session 7 weeks long, of which I have to stay the first 20 days in the Training camp. ( Al-Warwar, Lebanon). After this 20 day period, I can come at home on weekends.. When the training session ends, I'll be assigned a job in some military or public administration department ( Depending on the Army committee decision), I have to stay in that job until I complete the 1 year period..

As for my web presence and the websites I administer, I'll be obviously offline for the first 20 days of the training session,after that I'll connect near   the weekends to update all the websites I administer..

For more Info. about the Lebanese Army and "Flag Service",

Go to The Lebanese Armed Forces Website

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